Review: The Digital Mom Handbook- Audrey McClelland & Colleen Padilla

Are you a Mum or in this case using the American way of spelling a Mom ? Are you a fan of the Internet and all that comes with Web 2.0 ?

The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home
Review: The Digital Mom Handbook - Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla - July 2010
Are you a mum ? If somebody asked you what Web 2.0 was would you be able to answer them ? Are you a Social Networker and addicted to Facebook, Twitter , Blogging and the new phase at the moment Vlogging ?
If you answered , YES to any of the above questions - then this is definitely the book for you especially if you are one of those mums who would rather stay home with their children and work at the same time .
Most mothers out there when they have a new baby, they would rather stay home with their wonderful bundle of joy instead of go straight back out to work , and if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, with the Digital Mom Handbook -you may just have your wish.
The Digital Mom Handbook is an attempt to show all those mothers out there -how to find their niche , the middle ground be it selling fashionable cloth nappies or nappy bags that are waterproof and stain-proof to books with non-tearable paper so that your babies don't end up ripping all those pages out of the brand new books you buy them.
We are coming into a world where technology is becoming more recognisable and advanced , the world of the Internet is becoming more and more common among businesses and becoming the way of the world - no more mail catalogues , as it's all online now.
This handbook will show you how to discover your passion , how to build on your passion to make a product worth selling as remember "passion is not a cliche".
From there it teaches all those mothers out there the luxury of using Blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking to promote and sell yourself and your product. It also introduces a new way of Blogging which is becoming more and more popular called Vlogging - this is basically a cross between Video and Blogging :) Think of a TV commercial on the web and you have Vlogging .
We all know how much us women love to read about those who have been successful as an inspiration to look up to and think - if they could achieve that, I can achieve this - throughout the Digital Mom Handbook , you will read about various Entrepreneurial women and how they got to where they are today - all because of following "the digital way".
The Digital Mom Handbook is the perfect guide for all those Mom's who would rather stay home with their children and work at the same time and guess what the benefit of working at home is - you can have the joys of not missing your child's milestones , you can work your own hours and even better - still get paid.


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