Review: The Lion of Kent -Aleksandr Voinov and Kate Cotoner (R18 Read)

Wanting a steamy gay romance novel to read ?

The Lion of Kent
Review: The Lion of Kent - Aleksandr Voinov and Kate Cotoner - August 2010
Are you looking for a steamy read , are you into reading GLBT novels ? Did you enjoy the film Brokeback Mountain? The Lion of Kent takes us back to the place and year of England, 1176 -back to the years of Knights in Shining Armours , Kings , Maids and Squires. The Lion of Kent focuses on a squire and his King . William Raven is a squire who has spent his whole life training to fight and eventually become a knight . Lord  Richard has just returned home after five years of trying to re-find himself.  As the novel goes along, we discover that Lord Richard is gay and we see him and William begin a sexual relationship behind closed doors - some scenes are detailed graphically so if M/M is not your thing then don't bother reading this book , but if your like me and really don't mind whatever as you know thats what you expect from the story - then you will find it a steamy historical romance with of course a bit of action and fighting as the other storyline is that Lord Richard's brother Stefan is planning on killing and murdering him. What then follows right to the end is William's fight to save not only his King but his lover....


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