Review: Ultraviolet - RJ Anderson

Wanting a teen read that touches on an Edgy Issue but has a sense of Supernatural to it ?

Review: Ultraviolet- RJ Anderson- September 2011
I love Netgalley and I thank the person who put me onto it :) , it's finds like these that make joining it worthwhile as I get to read and review a book that isn't really due out to be released till September .
Now , this is actually a hard review to write as how to explain the book without seeming odd , when I was trying to come up with which picture to use it was a toss-up between Dystopian and Supernatural , I decided to go with Supernatural as it is that more than a dystopian novel. Meet Alison , the main character in the book - it is June 22nd 2011 and she has woken up in hospital with scratches all over her arms etc , she's not sure how she really got there. According to the nurses she has been there since June 7th. Her mother is transferring her to a mental institution called Pine Hills as it seems that somehow Alison is doing this to herself , the other part is which we later find out is an actual disorder called synethisia which is where she can see colours in numbers, letters and see things and taste when nobody else can . When it thunders , she can taste the thunder in her mouth, when she plays the piano -fireworks are what she sees overhead , when she bangs together utensils - golden stars appear. All her life, she has thought she was crazy until now as she joins up with Dr Faraday , though as the novel nears the end , we start to wonder whether Dr Faraday is actually real or just a figment of Alison's imagination .
The other main part of the story was the disappearance of a girl named Victoria Beaugarde which reminded me the name of the girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Lemony Snickett. It seems she has vanished without a trace and Alison was the last to see her , though if Alison recalls - Tori just disintergrated in front of her eyes. Will we really discover what happened to Tori and what if Alison is telling the truth ? Does Alison have powers that aren't of this world or is Alison just plain crazy ?
Ultraviolet is a book that I think all should read and it is one of those stories that once you reach the end of the book, you are left to make up your mind about the truth behind Alison and Tori .


  1. Great review! I really liked Faraday, even though his name kept reminding me of LOST.
    I am now following. :)


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