Review : A Place of Peace - Amy Clipston

I haven't really had a chance to use my Amish symbol but with today's Book I can : Have you ever felt that you don't belong but in a way you do ?
Find out in today's book " A Place of Peace"

A Place of Peace (Kauffman Amish Bakery Series #3)
Review: A Place of Peace- Amy Clipston- December 2010
Miriam Lapp is about to get the next month of a lifetime filled with tragedy, triumph, sadness , hope and forgiveness - get ready for a jampacked month with Miriam. Our novel starts with us meeting Miriam and discovering that she had left the Amish faith four years ago to go to nursing college and live as an Englischer with her cousin Abigail also from the same community. When Miriam left , her family shunned her . Four years later , Miriam recieves a phone call from her older sister Hannah, their mother has passed away. Rushing back home for the funeral , Miriam and Abby come home to stay with Abby's Aenti as Miriam must face the disownment of her family towards her . Will she ever be able to get them to forgive her ? Four years ago, Miriam was set to marry Timothy Kauffman and was babysitting Jeremy Henderson, when Jeremy passed away from SIDS. Everyone blamed Miriam . It seems though that neither Miriam or Timothy have moved on and we start to see the spark between them is still well and alive. Though Timothy is in the process of courting someone and we see them get engaged , has Miriam lost her chance at happiness with Timothy, or has God got a plan up his sleeve? When Miriam's father contracts a stroke, this may be her chance at recieving forgiveness and a welcome back home as Miriam discovers that maybe the Amish life is for her. Find out what happens when we see Timothy become engaged to Naomi and discover the true reasons behind the betrayals of Timothy and Miriam.


  1. Seems like an interesting book, but probably not my cup of tea.


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