Review: Solid - Shelley Workinger

Wanting to start a new series , one that is filled with genetics and science experiments etc ?


Review: Solid - Settling Book #1 - Shelley Workinger - July 2010
Imagine living in a world for seventeen years and then one day you wake up to find it was all a lie ? What would you do ? For Calliope aka Clio , that's exactly what happened for her and hundreds of others . Seventeen years ago, a drug was put on the market a drug called C9x . It was implanted into pregnant women , Clio's mother being one of them. The drug was then taken off the market and lost forever until the Chief Medical Officer for the Army and his friend John Kaid found out . John  Kaid was murdered and now seventeen years later , somebody is wanting to round up all those infected and take them out. The drug was to make them have abilities that others like me and you could not , some had strength, flexibility like Mr. Fantastic , some were wonderful artists , had extreme photogenic memories and if you are like Clio and her friends Bliss and Miranda - you have the ability to slow time and shine like a star - literally as well as the ability to make yourself invisible.
During the novel , we hear Clio overhear a couple talking and soon she will enlist the help of her new friends Bliss, Miranda, Garrett and Jake to get to the bottom of this confinement and what will happen when they are faced with the truth that they are really cut off from the outside world.
Find out in this Science Fiction, Genetically Modified Dystopian Novel by author Shelley Workinger and stay tuned for the sequel "Settling".


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