Review: Wicked Lies - Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush

Wanting a mystery to read ? Written by two of the top American Women Mystery writers ? Have you read Wicked Game ?

Wicked Lies
Review: Wicked Lies - The Colony Book #2- Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush- June 2011
Have you ever picked up a book and started reading it and had this nagging feeling like you have read the story before , a hint of Deja Vu though you know for certain that you haven't read the title before because it's A) not one you are familiar with, B) you are pretty up-to-date with the authors and C) it's only just been released. Well, as I started reading Wicked Lies , I kept thinking I'm sure Ive read something similiar as the plot sounded eerily familiar. Though as I kept reading it bits of the book were new to me . What it turned out to be is actually a Book #2 and the first book was called Wicked Game which I had not until looking up on Fantastic Fiction had connected the two books together, aha this was why it was so familiar to me LOL :).
In Wicked Lies , we meet Laura who has just moved back to Deception Bay with her now ex-husband Byron and is working as a nurse in the Ocean View Hospital - this is the perfect career for her as she can diagnose people by looking / touching them - she reminded me a bit of one of the witches on the show Eastwick. Laura is hiding a dark secret though as her past is connected with what some locals call the Cult "Siren Song". Her real names is Lorelai and she and her sisters have pyschic abilities . Hiding away Laura has been kept safe from serial killer Justice Turbull but he has now escaped from the Mental Hospital and wants to finish what he started by killing all the "sisstters".
Enter the exciting part of the novel as Laura begins on the race of her life to reunite with her family and save them from being massacred and murdered by Justice Turnbull.
As usual sisters in real life ,Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush have done a wonderful job and Im looking forward to a Book #3 as I want to know what happened to Mary ? To Learn more about Mary and who she is , you will have to read "Wicked Lies".


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