Review: Wickford High : Furiously Tempted - Karen Fuller

well get ready for Book Two :

Furiously Tempted (Wickford High)
Review: Wickford High : Furiously Tempted - Book #2- Karen Fuller- 2011
When I was asked by Karen to read and review her second book in the Wickford High Series , I jumped at the chance as I fell in love with the first book - It was one of my best discoveries and I found it up there with all the latest supernatural reads and when we think of Indie authors, they tend to have a different impression, but for me I think Karen Fuller and her books are up there with the likes of Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead etc.
In Wickford High: Furiously Tempted we are about to experience the second day of Vicky's life at Wickford High. Wickford is a community of Supernaturals and it seems that Vicky has spotted the love of her life "Luke Wolfburn" . On their first date, we read as Vicky is kidnapped and tied to a stake ready to burn like the witch she is , the same death her mother Emily had happened to her the week before. It seems that somebody is definitely out to get Vicky and the top of her suspect list is Sara - a black witch. It seems though that Sara's not the only thing Vicky has to worry about as she's getting into trouble with her teachers and Luke's cousin Chuck isn't keen on Vicky hanging around Luke.
Get ready for a twist as we discover the truth behind Sara and Vicky and we discover that they are closer to each other than either one of them ever realised and we read as Vicky's only friend Rachel is hiding a secret of what she is as it turns out she is a shifter - but into what animal ?
You will have to read "Wickford High:Furiously Tempted" and I'm hoping that Karen writes a third book focusing on the revelations of Sara, Vicky and Rachel.


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