Review: God's Story, Your Story: Youth Edition - Max Lucado

Are you a Teen or Young Adult  ? Wanting a non-fiction Christian Book that you can relate to?

God's Story, Your Story: Youth Edition (Story, The)
Review: God's Story- Your Story : The Youth Edition - Max Lucado - September 2011
I guarantee that if you call yourself a Christian, then there is no way that you have not heard of Max Lucado. As someone who has grown up with God and enjoyed reading Christian fiction and non-fiction , I have found that one of my favourite authors is Max Lucado as he writes in a style and language that young people can relate to.
"God rewrote the text of my life , when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes"
2 Samuel 22v 25.
Ever wondered how you can relate the Bible , something that was written over 2000yrs ago to your self today and what is happening around you ? In God's Story, Your Story Max Lucado takes us on a journey throughout the New Testament in search for how God's word can help shape you into who you are today and what paths to take in order to live and follow in his ways.
Each chapter takes us into a world of it's own from becoming a Superhero in God as Max likens it to Spiderman and Luke Skywalker , the chapter then focuses on a tale in the Bible , the first of Jesus's Birth with Joseph and Mary , the story is written in a way that you could also imagine that it was happening right now instead of over 2000yrs ago, also included which I love in these types of books are ancedotes from everyday teens and young adults - people who are just like you and me.
The book has bible verses scattered through and at the end of each Chapter has a prayer for us to read and thank God.
This is one book that I would recommend as a Bible study at a Youth Group or Young Adults Group as we could all discuss what each chapter meant for us etc.
As usual , a familiar occurence in Christian books both Fiction and Non-Fiction , at the back of the book are some discussion questions to think about, answer and reflect on each chapter.


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