Review: Private London - James Patterson and Mark Pearson

Are you a James Patterson fan ? Made your way through his list of novels ?
Enjoyed his book "Private" the first in a new series featuring Jack Morgan ?

Private London
Review: Private London - James Patterson and Mark Pearson- June 2011
Did you enjoy James Patterson's first novel in the Private series featuring Jack Morgan - an ex-military turned Private Investigator . Since the first book, where Jack decided to go into the Private Eye business , we have read in Private London that his business has boomed and there are now offices all around the world. The second book in the series "Private London" takes us to his London office where Jack has employed another ex-military cop called Dan Carter , as a New Zealander this made me chuckle as one of our All Black Rugby Players who was the pin-up of the team was also called Dan Carter. The novel starts on 9 September 2003 , a significant date for three of the main characters in the novel , a day that started out awesome and a wonderful occasion ending in heartbreak and terror. For Hannah Shapiro, it was the day she watched her mother be murdered and for Dan Carter it was the day he lost his best friends in an landmine explosion in Iraq. The two brought together seven years later because of one man - Jack Morgan. Looking out for Hannah, Jack is sending her to England to attend University however she needs a distant bodyguard and companion , this is where Dan enters - he will be her bodyguard and his god-daughter Chloe ,her best friend and companion.
However one night , things take a turn for the worse and we see that seven years later - an attack similiar to the one that eerily occured is happening again as we see one friend in a coma and the other kidnapped. Across town , there are also a number of murders occuring , are they related to each other ?
Will Jack and Dan be able to save Chloe and Hannah or is Private London over before it's even got it's feet off the ground.
Find out in the new Jack Morgan series "Private" by James Patterson and Mark Pearson.


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