Review: Good Night, Little Sea Otter - Janet Halfmann

Wanting a nice animal book to read to your baby/toddler ?

Good Night, Little Sea Otter
Review: Good Night, Little Sea Otter - Janet Halfmann- September 2010
Ever had to go to Bed and you haven't been tired ? Played any tricks to stay up a little bit longer, just an extra 5mins or 10 ? In Goodnight, Little Sea Otter we discover that it is time for Little Sea Otter to go to sleep but he's not tired at all , so he begins a journey of saying Goodnight to everyone from Seagulls to Sea Lions , all the animals in the sea even including the moon , stars etc. As we start to turn to the end of the book, we can see Little Sea Otter starting to finally drop off to sleep, all nice and cuddled with Mummy Otter. At only 24pgs and with the amazing graphics and not many words to a page, this is the perfect book to read to your Toddler. It would definitely also make a good bedtime story :).


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