Review: My Boyfriend Bites #3 - Dan Jolley

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Review : My Boyfriend Bites - Book #3 My Boyfriend is a Monster - Dan Jolley - September 2011
Just after watching the movie trailer for Breaking Dawn - the fourth book in the Twilight Series , I figured I was in the mood for a little Vampire/Mortal romance and what better way to read it with a graphic novel I had for review . My Boyfriend Bites tells the story of Vanessa Shingle , who seems to always pick the guys that need fixing and need to grow to fulfil their potential - sounds familiar ?
As we see Vanessa accompany her sister Tracey to her college classes, Vanessa runs into Jean-Paul a janitor at the school, though of course we all know that Jean Paul is hiding a dark secret- in fact he is not mortal but get ready for it.... a Vampire. Later on in the graphic novel we discover that the town of Ravenbrook , New Mexico is starting to become over-run by Vampires and nasty ones at that. According to legend, their will be a mortal saviour and it seems that Jean Paul has his eyes set on Vanessa. Can Vanessa save the day or will she find herself over her head when she finds herself surrounded by Vampires that want her dead.
A graphic novel that I know Girls will enjoy and those who are fans of True Blood , Twilight and Vampire Diaries.


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