Review: The Fittting Room - Kelly Minter

Are you a female ? Wanting to work harder at creating your character in Christ ?

The Fitting Room: Putting On the Character of Christ
Review: The Fitting Room - Kelly Minter - April 2011
" Therefore as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience" - Colossians 3v12."
Are you wanting a book that speaks directly to you as a female , wanting an author that isn't long-winded and goes on and on trying to explain things.
If so, look no further as The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter is the perfect read for all those females and males if it does draw your attention to putting on the clothes of the Character of Christ.
Each chapter of the book is split up into the characteristics of Christ from Virtues , to peace to Compassion and Joy.
 What I loved about how Kelly wrote the book , is that it's all good and well reading a Christian non-fiction book that tells us how to act , but what good is it if we can't relate it to our modern everyday lives of hanging out with friends, working etc.
Each chapter focuses as I said above on a particular characteristic and within that chapter includes an ancedote/ a little tale relating to an everyday life situation like a Video shoot or we can translate it into getting our photo taken at a portrait parlour. Then it moves on to the Christianity Biblical view with a handful of bible verses for you to think about , that relate to the chapter.
At the end of the book is a section titled "Discussion Questions" which include for each chapter a list of questions for you to answer then think back and reflect on.
If you are looking for a Spirtual Makeover , then head on down to your local Christian Bookshop and pick up your how-to guide to looking beautiful with Christ....
"The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter".


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