Review: Tales from the Yoga Studio - Rain Mitchell

Are you looking for a friendship novel ? Into Yoga ?
Tales from the Yoga Studio: A Novel
Review: Tales From the Yoga Studio- Rain Mitchell- December 2010
Do you enjoy reading those books that brings together a set of friends ,who otherwise may not have met and through their connection and in this novel it is through Yoga , they become the best of friends and help each other through their problems and become the better person they are inside. Meet The Yoga Studio friends. We have Lee who runs the local Yoga Studio - her life at the moment is slowly crumbling as her marriage is deteriorating and with her husband as co-owner , she is not sure how long she can continue to run the Yoga studio as their finances start to slowly leak out . We have the studio's masseuse Katherine , sick of being alone -Katherine has meet the perfect guy, but only now is the big question Can Katherine keep him as she holds a reputation of trying to sabotage every relationship that she gets close too , Graciela is a dancer who hurt herself with an injury , as a dancer this injury could be the end of her career - can Lee help Graciela overcome her injury in preparation for an audition that could change her life , we have Hollywood actress Imani who had it all - a successful marriage , a wonderful career , everything she could ever ask for until tragedy struck and she suffered a miscarriage. With the introduction of Yoga and her newfound friends , Can Imani recover from the tragedy and learn to deal with the grief and move on and lastly Stephanie , a screenwriter and wanting to get a big break it seems that Stephanie may just be pushing herself to hard , when the cracks start to show in Stephanie's life - Can her friends get together and help Stephanie before she develops a breakdown ?
A fun novel filled with excercise , Yoga and friendships - true friendships. I think the tagline for Tales from the Yoga Studio should read "When the going gets tough and the tough gets going at least you still have Yoga and Friends".


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