Review: As You Wish - Jackson Pearce

What would you do with three wishes ? Find out in today's Teen Read "As You Wish" by Jackson Pearce.......
As You Wish
Review: As You Wish - Jackson Pearce - September 2010
Have you ever felt invisible or even broken as a person ? Wanting to reclaim what you lost ? Our main character in As You Wish , Viola has . So much that during her Shakespeare class , she made a wish to no longer be invisible and for her , her wish was to be granted. Viola has been allocated a Jinn , they are like genies who can grant her three wishes and then they return back to their homeland of Caliban where they never stop aging and life is perfect. However, if Jinn thought Viola was like his previous masters , he has another coming as she couldnt be far from them. Viola wanting to treasure her three wishes until she finds the perfect wish, delays Jinn's return home. At first Jinn is annoyed and will not stop at anything to get the wishes over and done with so he can return back to comfort. However , it looks like this isn't going to be an easy mission as we soon see Jinn and Viola developing feelings for each other. Is it possible for a Jinn to fall in love with a human ?
Read "As You Wish" for three main reasons A) If you love genies and paranormal romances , B) If you want to find out what happened to Jinn with the Ancients as he broke every law possible with Viola and C) Did Viola forget Jinn when he left or will we have to stay tuned for a surprise reunion that will take digging at the memory bank to work?
Find out all this and more in As You Wish by Jackson Pearce.


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