Review: The Echo of a Lost Virtue - Zach Black

Wanting a quick horror read ?
The Echo of a Lost Virtue
Review: The Echo of a Lost Virtue - Zach Black - "nd"
Are you in the mood for a bit of Horror Literature , this is actually a new genre for my site as for me personally, I'm a big fan of Horror movies but it's never really been a genre of books that I have ever really felt the need to venture too , my reading tastes have tended to end at the gruesome murders of James Patterson books , Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardner etc. However , I have to say I was very impressed with The Echo of a Lost Virtue . At only 15 pages long, I wasn't sure what to expect as how can somebody tell a story in that many pages especially when they have to conclude it properly. Zach did a wonderful job as I was reading The Echo of a Lost Virtue and in parts it made my stomach turn with the slamming into the girl's body etc. The story starts with Derek ,who has it all - a good job, a wife and a new baby but he unfortunately can't appreciate it and turns his life to alcohol and starts drinking . One night , he hits a girl with his BMW car and decides to get rid of the car etc. The story then flips to a few months later when his wife has now left him and he comes face to face with a little girl on the side of the road as the story goes , it seems that this was the little girl that he hit with his car, come back to haunt him ....
Read as we discover what tricks little Sarah has up her sleeves for Derek.


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