VBT# Is My Kid Stupid ? - Nzingha West Part 3/3

Today's VBT# stop is Part 3/3 and is a book review of Nzingha West's book "Is My Kid Stupid? Avoiding an educational disaster.

Is My Kid Stupid? Avoiding An Educational Disaster
Review: Is My Kid Stupid ? Avoiding an Educational Disaster - Nzingha West - March 2011
When I was asked to help promote this book during a Virtual Book Tour , I instantly felt drawn to it and when I got the dates to do it , I thought how appropiate. As a sibling who has other siblings and family members with a disability predominantly autism , this is something that I have seen my parents struggle through and others struggle with on a day to day basis and this month in New Zealand is actually Austism Awareness Month. Autism is one of the fastest growing disabilities in the world and is becoming more and more predominant. However, some are harder to recognise than others and these children are being labelled in schools as stupid and naughty. Though you and me know better, it's just that are being misunderstood and not yet diagnosed, these children are being the only selves they can be. In Nzingha West's book it is the essential guide to helping parents discover what help is available and how to choose the best education for them that will help them and understand your child for who they are . Whatever obstacle will be chucked your way, and trust me -there will be plenty chucked over the years, Nzingha West's book "Is my Kid stupid? " is the only guide you will ever need .
I highly recommend this book as a purchase if you have a child with Special Needs or knows somebody who does as trust me, it will help them in so many different areas and ways.


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