Review: The Survivor- Sean Slater

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The Survivor. by Sean Slater
Review: The Survivor - Sean Slater- March 2011
Have you ever wondered what happens when you watch too many movies or read too many books , every now and again- I suffer from it as we start to read too much formula fiction and eventually some things just start melting into each other . For me, what drew me to this book was the fact that the Ice Hockey mask reminded me of the Friday 13th Movies starring Jason Vorhees and It got me wondering whether anyone else could see it or was it just Ive watched too many movies?.
The second thing that drew me to this book was that the main setting involved a school shooting and for some reason, I always find these tales intriguing from Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult to The Hate List by Jennifer Brown. In the Survivor, it takes a twist as Detective Jacob Striker is called down to the high school as his teenage daughter has been skipping school again. During the conversation , he hears gunshots coming from the Cafe and rushes to the scene in time to see three men in ice hockey masks gunning down students. Was this a random halloween prank or are the dead being targeted ? What happens next is a twist as one of the Killers gets away and goes on a spree to find the missing student who was supposed to be killed, the journey with Jacob Striker hot on his tail ends with Raine, Que and Jacob's daughter Courtney . Which of the three will die as only one barely makes it out alive ?
Find out all this and who is  "The Survivor" left standing?


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