Review: She's Gone Country- Jane Porter

Wanting a nice chick-lit novel , one that has instead of from rags to riches , city to country ?

She's Gone Country
Review: She's Gone Country - Jane Porter - August 2010
Returning home for most people can prove to be disastrous or at most an adventure , for Shey Darcy it proved to be both a challenge and a life-changing decision. What should have been her seventeenth wedding anniversary turned into a separation as her husband dropped on her the bombshell that he was gay. Packing up her things and her teenage boys, Shey hightails it back home to Texas - home of the country life , a place she hadnt been back since she was sixteen and now here she is at thirty-nine years old. Unfortunately, her life in Texas starts off to a rough beginning as her brother Cody dies of a drug overdose. Left to raise her boys, Shey decides that she has to be strong but her boys aren't settling in well here with her son Bo having depression and her oldest Hank wanting to move back to New York to live with his father , her only saviour seems to be her 12yr old son Cooper. If that wasn't difficult, Dane Kelly is still in town and Shey discovers she still has strong feelings for him. Dane was Shey's first love . Though if Shey thought welcoming Dane back was easy she has another thing coming ,as her two brothers can't stand Dane and blame him for Cody's death and it seems Dane is dating a rich texan heiress named Lulu.
After a one-night stand with Dane , Shey falls pregnant and we are left to read whether Shey keeps the baby and B) will she tell Dane and what will happen between Dane and Lulu ?
Find out what happens when a former country girl whose been living in the city for so long moves back to Country life.
If you are a fan of Rodeos , horses and bucking bronco's -then this is the book for you.


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