Review: The Final Summit - Andy Andrews

Wanting a non-fiction Christian book that will leave you questioning it once you have finished reading ?

The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity
Review: The Final Summit - Andy Andrews - April 2011
Have you read "The Traveller" by Andy Andrews ? Are you a fan of Richard Paul Evan's books ? , For me I found reading The Final Summit similar to as I was reading a Richard Paul Evan's novel as they both have one thing in common - well two if you count that they are both Christianity based. They are somewhat inspirational to the reader , and they each leave something different depending on the person reading it. When I first read The Traveller , I was at the stage where non-fiction didn't really do it for me , but I had read a review and I thought "that actually sounds like a good book" and as I was reading it , because of the way it was written - you actually forgot you were reading something factual in a sense as it reads like a chapter book. The same goes for Andy Andrews latest release "The Final Summit" , this novel follows the same protagnist "David" on a quest to find the one principle that will save the whole world's humanity. We read as David is reunited with the sarcastic and snarky angel Gabriel and we read in fascination as David goes back in time to various people of importance in history, to find out their view on Humanity and their principles . We see David Interview Winston Churchill , Joan of Arc and of course Honest Abe - Abraham Lincoln. After reading the book, I was inspired to check out Andy's website and discovered that with the various people David met with - Andy has set up each week - A bit of a Meet and Greet listing the Inspirational Person's details , quotes from them and the excerpts in his book e.g Anne Frank as Anne tells David about her family calling her a Pollyanna and then Anne presenting David with her diary that we have all read plenty of times.
If History, People, Philosophy, Religion and even Biographies are your thing- then I highly recommend you all to read "The Final Summit" and his first book "The Traveller".


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