Review: The Miles Between - Mary E. Pearson

Wanting a teen novel that will have you thinking right till the end ?

                                                         The Miles BetweenThe Miles Between
Review: The Miles Between - Mary E. Pearson - September 2009
For Destiny Faraday, October the 19th has never been a day she has loved and during the novel we are about to see why as on the day of what turns out to be her seventeenth birthday , her and three friends decide to skip school and go on a road trip -their destination is Langdon . Along the way, we see the four becoming really good friends and starting to share their secrets and also along the way they meet some interesting characters including but not limited too - the president of the USA and in the mens bathroom of all places at a small country gas station. When they get to Langdon, all three of them have shared their secrets and bared their soul- all but Destiny. Her whole life from the age of seven has been a lie , she has been living the fantasy of her parents abandoning her. What happens when the friends arrive at Destiny's home and what will they discover there ? What is the real truth behind Destiny's family and her mysterious Aunt Edie.
A novel that all must read and I highly recommend it as it will keep you guessing and intrigued till the very end.



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