Review: Pressing into Thin Places - Margaret Harrell Willis , EdD

Wanting a bit of postive uplifting in your lives ?

Pressing into Thin Places: Encouraging the Heart toward God
Review: Pressing into Thin Places- Margaret Harrell Willis, EdD- May 2011
Sometimes life can end up a challenging and daunting thing chucked your way and at times you may just feel like giving up is the best thing to do, but God knows that there's a better way of life to live and that when life gives you lemons as the famous quote goes you make .... Lemonade. Margaret Harrell Willis, EdD has collected and written together a little pocket positive guide to life , it is filled with inspirational short short stories, ancedotes , prayers, bible verses . It is a collection of words that are encouraging and hopeful, it's words to hold close to your heart when going through struggles and even experiencing tragedies as no matter what God is there and he loves to help us.
Pressing into Thin Places is not one of those books that you have to sit down and read from cover to cover , sometimes God knows exactly how you are feeling and what you need to hear that often enough you can open the book to a random page and those words on the page will speak to you, the other thing that I love about books like these, besides that I am a quote/poem/verse - basically anything inspirational fanatic is that no matter who reads what, it speaks to you as an individual .
To go with the review I wanted to share an excerpt and one that would back up what I was saying to help you through the tough times and I opened it up to the section "My Time is in Your Hands" and this was the excerpt which I thought was appropiate.

" Help me understand, My time is in your hands
From the beginning and the end, my time is in your hands.

I am often a butterfly , caught struggling in a net or pinned to a board
Scattered thoughts press in on me.
Your promise is to see each crisis of my soul
Hear my whispered plea, Help me understand
My Time is in your hands."

This guide "Pressing into Thin Places" is the perfect positive outlook that we all need to keep on us and turn to when we need a perk-me-up.


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