VBT# The Survivors - Amanda Havard - Part 2/2

Today's post is Part 2/2 of the Amanda Havard VBT# celebrating the release of her new novel and the start of a wonderful series called "The Survivors".

The Survivors
Review: The Survivors - Amanda Havard- March 2011
Are you a fan of witches ? Love anything you can get your hands on about the Salem Witch Trials that happened back in 1692 ? For, me I have always been fascinated about reading it and watching movies and I try to read whatever literature arises.So when I saw that a VBT# was being held for Amanda's book, The Survivors, I just had to get my reading paws on a copy and I'm glad I did as the author Amanda has covered and extended a different side of the trials , a side that Ive never really read about before. As we all know their were 26 females, males and children accused of being witches - though how true or false the accusations were we will never know. Many were hung and executed or burnt at the stake , however the Governor Phipps took charge and put an end to the executing and gave them the form of punishment of isolation and exclusion . The 26 were taken to an isolated part of the land where they were basically left to die and fend for themselves. Out of the 26 only fourteen survived and this is the first story about the fourteen remaining.
The story then shoots to present time where we meet Sadie , a girl who is trying to be a normal 21yr old in the year 2011 , when in fact she is really over 300 yrs old. When she witnesses an accident, it will send Sadie running back from the world she has tried so hard to fit into back to the family she has tried to escape from, her past - The Puritanicals.
We read as with uncertainity that Sadie experiences, will her family welcome her back with open arms or will there be resentment from those who she walked out on those many years ago.
What makes this novel different from all those other witch novels that we have read up on , is that Amanda has chucked in a bit of everything from witches , shapeshifters , nosferatu- the creatures we read about in PC and Kristin Cast's House of Night Series and eretica / vicezy vampires which were new terminology I had yet to have discovered.
The Survivors is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys Paranormal, Supernatural Fantasy as it has something from every area chucked in the mix even mortals like me and you.
Looking forward to reading more adventures and what more tales Amanda will come up with in future "The Survivors" books.


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