Top 5 Sundays - Favourite Genres Not PNR /UF

Today's Top 5 Sunday is your favourite genres that is excluding Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasies.

  1. Christian Fiction - I may read other genres but I have a heart for Christian Fiction .
  2. Steampunk - A new genre that Ive only started to get into and have really enjoyed it - in fact , I have a few Steampunk books sitting on my TBR Pile.
  3. Dystopian Novels - A genre again, that as always been a favourite ever since I read The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood for Yr 12 English.
  4. Mysteries/Thrillers - I am a fan of murder mysteries, though they have to be fast-paced and the more grisly the better . I am a huge fan of James Patterson , Lee Child, Matt Hilton , JA Kerley etc.
  5. Chick-Lit - I have a soft spot for ChickLit novels, those lighthearted fluffy romance novels with the happy beginning, the sad middle and then the wonderful ending . So cliched, but this girl loves a fairytale and a happily ever after .


  1. Hi!
    I'm following you here now too.
    I definitely share your love of happy ever afters--the more the better I think =D

  2. I don't know if I read five genres all together but in order my favorites are:

    1. Christian fiction
    2. General Market YA
    3. Non fiction travel books
    4. General Fiction- bestsellers like The Help or Water for Elephants

    I read paranormal in YA usually.

  3. I like Steampunk and Chick Lit, too. I don't think I have ever read any Christian fiction - need to give that genre a try

  4. Awesome picks! Chick-Lit os definite;ly cool! =D


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