Review: Sazerac Seduction -Eden Elgabri ( R18 Read)

Wanting a quick erotic legal thriller to read ?

Sazerac Seduction
Review: Sazerac Seduction -Eden Elgabri - Ocotber 2010
Sazerac Seduction is a short story which includes sex and the law. Meet Cynthia , she has come to the small island under the pretense of an environmental law suit to supposedly close down Crawdaddy's which is a resturant cover for a whorehouse of sorts but the truth is her cousin has turned up missing and the last seen place was at Crawdaddy's and Cynthia wants to know what went on and where her cousin is . Enter Remy, he works for his father's law firm and his father and him have been seen to enjoy Crawdaddy's on the odd occasion , it is Remy's job to make sure Cynthia doesn't turn up to the court date . So his plan involves kidnapping, sex and lots of Sazerac alcohol. When the truth comes out though, it seems that Cynthia may be on to something and it involves her much more than she initially realised as one of the last men to see her cosuin was her ex-husband whose running for state senator. Overall, it was a good erotic fiction but unfortunately what annoyed me was that the story abruptly ended , I think it may have ended a bit too quick.


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