Review - Liar's Kiss - Eric Skillman & Jhomar Soriano

Wanting a detective comic to read ? One where fun can turn into trouble?

Liar's Kiss
Review : Liar's Kiss - Eric Skillman & Jhomar Soriano- May 2011
Nick Archer isn't much of a detective, but he's managed to get himself one pretty sweet surveillance gig: once a week he sends a jealous millionaire the photos that prove his wife is faithful, leaving Nick plenty of free nights to spend making a liar of both himself and the client's wife. But when the client turns up dead, his cheating wife is the prime suspect and it's up to Nick to clear her - except Nick has an agenda of his own, and connections to this case that go deeper than anyone realizes.
There always seems to be a need to re-invent the pulp novel, or at least have some fun with it. Liar's Kissfollows Nick Archer and his investigation of an old man's murder. Nick Archer has the usual put-upon assistant who hasn't been paid for months, the requisite romantic connection to the prime suspect -the whole cheating on her husband with her , and the cliché bad relationship with the local police that we see many Private Investigators have , I think it must be a prerequisite for a Private Investigator - they shalt piss off thy police in order to gain Private Eye Badge and Qualifications. However, he has an unusual reason to see the case closed, and it's that reason that provides for a satisfying twist at the end.
This is the perfect detective read for all those who can't stomach sitting down and reading a chapter book without pictures.


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