Review: Let God Change Your Life - Greg Laurie

Wanting to learn how God can Change your life for the better ?

Let God Change Your Life: How to Know and Follow Jesus
Review: Let God Change Your Life - Greg Laurie- June 2011
It seems that maybe Christian Non-Fiction authors are starting to join the crusade of finally making the covers of their books appealing to the younger generation as unfortunately for many Christian Non-Fictions , their book covers have tended to be a bit blah or aimed at the audience of those older but as soon as I saw the cover for this book, I was like WOW , that's really awesome as it used the texture of the grey background and the shading of the black and then the red writing of change and the fact that it was in reverse text. This alone, made the cover outstanding.
Being a Christian and Knowing God and following him are two different things, you can be a Christian or say that you are one but at the same time not follow and know God . Let God Change your life is for all those that are ready or have committed as a Christian but are at that stage where they havent yet fully understood the part of knowing and following Jesus.
When you hang out with your friends, attend school/ study or work  - are you following a Christian example and leading others or are you being a hypocrite and not realising it . Following and Knowing Jesus is much more than just going along to Church every Sunday and sitting in the pews/seats and listening to the Pastor preach every week. It is about letting God/Jesus into your life during the other days of the week - the Monday-Saturday and showing others that you are following the Christian way of living.
"Let God Change Your Life by Greg Laurie" discusses and touches on the three main key aspects in his book :
1) How to actually know God and how by knowing him ,he will CHANGE your life.
2) Discipleship - Making the commitment , the cost of your  life and your spiritual growth in order to move with him.
3)Making him Known- one of the most important things about being a Christian, is sharing the gospel and evangelising and letting others know about this Amazing person you call Jesus and making disciples and fishermans out of those who you talk to.

Let God Change Your Life ,is the perfect read for those who are wanting to really connect with the Lord and make that next big radical jump into YES- I want to be one of your disciples.


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