Review : Save Me - Lisa Scottoline

Save Me
Review: Save Me - Lisa Scottoline - April 2011
It's truly amazing , how that life can change so drastically within a couple of minutes . One day , you are just an everyday mum and the next you are being cast out of the town like a witch in the Salem Trials , all for one decision made.
Reading Save Me , it brought to light - the distance that a mother would go to , to make everything right and to save her little girl.
Desperate to keep an eye on things at school as Rose's daughter Melly tends to get bullied for having a port-wine birthmark on her cheek , she applies as a school lunch mum, but when she sees the three girls Amanda, Emily and Danielle picking on Melly and smearing grape jam on their cheek . Rose does what any mother would do , she goes over to the girls to give them a small talk about bullying. During the talk , a loud bang goes off and all of a sudden the school cafeteria is on fire. Thinking on instinct, Rose hurries Amanda , Emily and Danielle to the door and tells them to run outside. Searching around for her daughter Melly , Rose goes to rescue her and just in time as well , as any later she may have been dead.
What Rose didn't realise was whilst she was rescuing Melly, Amanda had run back into fire and not made it out . Now in ICU, Amanda lays in a coma and as the news prepares to call Rose a hero , the whole town will soon think otherwise as Elaine Gigot- Amanda's mother makes it her sole mission for Rose to pay due to her daughter being in a Coma .
As the story builds up , we discover Rose receiving rude facebook messages, emails and texts blaming her for abandoning Amanda and rescuing her own daughter.
Whilst Rose decides to research what actually happened in the fire , she is amazed to discover that it was all part of an attempted murder and soon realises that it is linked to an incident that happened seven years ago with Elaine's husband Bill.
Save Me is a novel that will have you thinking about the consequences of being a mother and the consequences and guilt that accompanies when you are left with the one question that will always hang in a mother's heart - Your Child or Mine ?
For those fans of Lisa Scottoline's previous books , you may find Save Me a lot different than the majority of her legal thrillers , but if you are a fan of Jodi Picoult's novels , then Save Me is definitely a book you will enjoy.

Are you wanting a book that will make you think , what it truly is like to be a mother ?


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