Review: The Secret Shopper Affair - Kate Harrison

Do you love shopping and have read The Secret Shopper Series by Kate Harrison?
Now get ready for the latest installment in this wonderful series.

Secret Shopper Affair
Review: The Secret Shopper Affair - The Secret Shopper Series Book #3- Kate Harrison - March 2011
These three girls are back and ready for more action, though for Emily, Sandie and Grazia it may be time for them to hang up their Secret Shopper statues for good as new opportunities arise. Emily's partner Will is going Green and is on a mission to make their business Enviromentally friendly , so when Emily enters a women's go Globally Green contest, is she able to keep a clear head as her opponent happens to be Will's ex-fiancee Abby. Sandie and Toby are about to have a new addition to their family and should be excited about the future , however when their new house renovations take a bit longer than expected and they discover Garnett's -Toby's family business is losing money -will this put more than a damper on their plans and Grazia is heartbroken for the first time since her husband Leon died, so she does what any cougar would do - she jetsets around the world with a guy she's just met, but what will happen when he wants to introduce her to his children? For Emily, Sandie and Grazia in The Secret Shopper Affair, they will have only one chance to choose what their futures may become - will they choose the right path or blow it ? Find out in the third book in the enjoyable Secret Shopper series.


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