Review: The Hunt of the Unicorn- CC Humphreys

Are you a fan of Unicorns ? I have loved Unicorns ever since I was little and watched Rainbow Brite ride her Unicorn "Starbrite".

The Hunt of the Unicorn
Review: The Hunt of the Unicorn- CC Humphreys - March 2011
Have you seen the films or read the Books Inkheart and Secret to Moonacre ? That's what the book "The Hunt of the Unicorn" reminded me of . The Hunt for the Unicorn starts in modern day New York with teenager Alice-Elayne and her father , her father is dying of Cancer but before he passes -he must pass on the prophecy of the females in his family all whom have been called Alice -Elayne starting from her ancestors 500yrs ago. Her ancestor's father was the greatest weaver in the world and magical too , he managed to create a tapestry which joined the two worlds together -it opened a portal from Earth to a town called Goloth. Goloth has been ruled by tyrants and just like all the females in Alice-Elayne's family are named so , all the men in the King's family are called Leo. It seems that the Unicorns are nearly extinct, so Moonspill calls Alice-Elayne  back to the world of Goloth. Though , shes not sure what she's got herself into . As the story goes on, we see Elayne try and save Moonspill from being hunted as she goes up against all the evil in Goloth as well as try and figure things out in the real "world" where her father is dying.
A novel that in places can get a bit confusing as it flips back and forth but overall an exciting and captivating read and after reading this , Im definitely Team Unicorn :)


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