Review: Lucky - Glenn Packiam

Wanting a Christian Non-Fiction that touches on the Kingdom of God ?

Lucky: How the Kingdom Comes to Unlikely People
Review: Lucky - Glenn Packiam - March 2011
Do you think that the Kingdom of God is too worthy of you ? Now with Lucky by Glenn Packiam , we can change your thinking as it discusses how the Kingdom can come to the most unlikeliest people.
When you think of who is going to go into Heaven with God ? Which ones springs to mind - is it the ones that make it successful in the world, the rich and the famous or the ones that sit there and read the bible continual and go to church every Sunday and sign up to join the prayer, community groups etc.
Jesus has opened the way to heavens for those who are poor , hungry, weak and persecuted , these are the ones that in God's eyes are the lucky few who will have access to the Kingdom of heaven with all it's wonderful fruit of the spirits - filled with joy, compassion, love , faithfulness.
The Book Lucky is based on Christ's Beatitudes that was written in the Gospel of Luke.
One thing , that I always enjoy with Christian Non-Fiction books is that at the end of each chapter , they include a list of discussion questions.
Overall, In "Lucky" by Glenn Packiam " he aims to challenge the blessings that come to us from Christ , to re-discover the call on our lives -the one that God has put there to go forth and preach to thy nations about his words and to remind us that no matter who we are, what our situations have been like - by asking God into your heart , all your sins have been wiped clean and that when you die , their is a seat waiting for you in Heaven.


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