Review: We've Seen Santa - Tiffany A. Higgins

Wanting a nice story for the children about Christmas and Santa ?

We've Seen Santa
Review: We've Seen Santa - Tiffany A; Higgins - April 2011
It's Christmas time and what's the best thing about Christmas besides Jesus being born, it's the one time of the year where you get lots and lots of presents , yummy food and get to spend time with your family. When you are little Santa is a huge deal , as we hang up our Christmas stockings , write Christmas Letters to Santa letting him know what we want and then making sure all year round we are good little kids so that we don't end up on Santa's bad list and get a lump of coal for Christmas , which is actually wanted my cousin ended up getting one year as a punishment from his parents.  In We've seen Santa it tells the short story of two children sneaking down on Christmas eve and watching Santa come down the chimney and eating his cookies and milk and of course , the favourite part of Christmas for children - leaving them presents.
We've seen Santa is a nice simple straight-forward story to share with babies and toddlers about the viewing of Santa Claus.


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