VBT# Airel - Aaron Patterson and Chris White

Today's VBT# is a Teenage Supernatural by authors Aaron Patterson and Chris White and is the first in a new series called The Airel Saga.

Review: Airel -The Airel Saga Book #1- Aaron Patterson and Chris White- August 2011
Are you wanting a new teenage supernatural series to get into ? Isn't the cover fabulous ?. When I first heard that this book was avaliable for review, I put my name down straight away and Im glad as it was totally awesome and now I can't wait to read Book #2 : Michael. In Airel , we first meet Airel -she is an average high-school girl though however as the novel gets on we discover , that there is more than meets the eye with Airel , we also get the first glimpse of Michael Alexander - the new school hottie whom Airel falls for. The story of Airel and Michael is set in Boise, Idaho and in the present time , now this is where I got a little confused as unfortunately Im not one for reading novels that flip back and forth in two different time periods and entirely different characters as we go back in time to the year 1250 BC in Arabia where we meet Krieos as we discover him and Airel are more alike than they realise , as the novel progresses the two characters lives start to interweave and the story starts to make much more sensy.  When reading teen novels, I always find it amazing that as teens we have so much to deal with from school, friends, life and it can all seem like the end of the world whereas back in 1250 BC with Krieos -he did have problems with trying to get over the grief of losing his wife.
An awesome book that I recommend all to read and I look forward to part 2 : Michael.


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